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About Us

Superior POD has been providing the highest quality digitally printed product to the market place for almost 15 years, at industry low pricing. Our "bread and butter" is custom playing cards of all sizes, and custom boxes to go along side them. We make everything from cards, to books, to board games, so if you have any printing needs we have you covered. Our mission is to provide the highest quality products at industry low pricing, with no order minimums, so if it is an order of 1 or 1000 our customers walk away satisfied and wanting to order more. The future of SuperiorPOD is in the realm of order fulfillment, where SuperiorPOD is your producer and distributor for all of your day to day sales, while also shipping in bulk to your wholesalers.

In this modern era, we are proud to say that SuperiorPOD is family owned and operated in the US. Our "shop" as we call it, is located in Upstate New York in the small town of Vestal, where owner and boss Jeff was born and raised. Jeff's son Anthony was also born and raised here, and he has worked his way up in the ranks of Vice President of SuperiorPOD, with the goal of one day passing things on to him to continue the family business. The SPOD team is currently made up of 6 hard working individuals.

SuperiorPOD began printing in 2006, but owner Jeff has been involved with the Adventure Gaming Business for over 30 years now. From 2006 to the present we have seen incredible growth with the technology we can offer, with 9 different upgrades with our printing presses, 5 upgrades with our card cutting machines, 5 upgrades with our die cutting machines, and so much more! As business grows, our technology and thus products improve, with zero increases in costs for our customers with those upgrades. As of 2024 SPOD we have officially made our first move to a new location, more than tripling the size of our facilities.

The SPOD cliental ranges from individuals doing print tests of their newest project, to small run game designers bringing their dreams to life one order at a time, to the small local businesses having their general printing needs covered, and to the larger companies doing big print rules of their games and having SPOD fulfill hundreds of orders a week for them. Our motto is whether it is 1 or 1000 we have you covered, and our wide range of customers takes advantage of that, and truly appreciates that possibility from us. If you would like to hear more from those customers please check out the SPOD testimonials page or our Facebook or Google reviews. We take pride in hearing feedback from our customers, and as every business has experienced, we have made mistakes over the years that we have learned and improved from, so we can continue to over the best products and services to our customers.

We encourage you to bring your dreams to reality, and start printing with Superior Print on Demand today. We are excited for our future, and are excited to see your latest and greatest projects come to life.


Some of our most notable (and cool to us) customers/products would include the following:

- Roku

- Google

- Comcast

- Catalyst Games

- Piquet

- "That's What She Said" Game Play Tests

- "Cards Against Humanity" Game Play Tests (yes this one is for real, we made the very first copy of that game EVER and I have it LOL)

- Some personalized playing cards for a very famous American singer/song writer that wanted to stay anonymous ;)

- Kana Method Japanese Learning Flash Cards (Viral on TikTok over 1,000,000 views on one video!)


About our team!



Title: President/Owner/CEO/Founder

Favorite Pokemon: Pikachu (he doesn't know any others which is a shame)

Favorite Product to Make: Card Decks



Title: Vice President/ Lead Production Manager

Favorite Pokemon: Charmander

Favorite Product to Make: Card Decks


Title: Production Worker

Favorite Pokemon: Ampharos

Favorite Product to Make: Boxes



Title: Production Manager

Favorite Pokemon: None (he hates Pokemon :( )

Favorite Product to Make: Card Decks



Title: Customer Service Specialist/ Prepress Specialist

Favorite Pokemon: Charizard

Favorite Product to Make: Card Decks



Title: Production Worker

Favorite Pokemon: Dunsparce

Favorite Product to Make: Board Games


Title: Part Time Production Worker

Favorite Pokemon: Charizard

Favorite Product to Make: Card Decks

Superior POD
225-229 Rear Vestal Parkway East
Vestal NY 13850