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Here is what folks are saying about about Superior POD's quality and Customer Service:



"I've been searching high and low for a quality printer of small runs. You guys have great turn around time, high quality printing and great thickness to your cards. The price is awesome, it's nice for a game like mine that's just starting out. I made the mistake in set up of one card that has the right front, but wrong back. I'll be reordering the correct one soon when I order other things. Thank you for being the "go to" place, you have other products that I hope to be utilizing in the future as well."

- Eric 


"I created Golf the Card Game and was looking for a manufacturer for tuck boxes. My requirements were for quality and Made in the USA. I found Superior POD and was very pleased with the results! My graphic design was a little off, even when they supplied a great template. The staff took the time to correct the .PDF and deliver a perfect tuck box. I would highly recommend them on quality and customer service."

- Richard Josker <>;  


"Cards and deck box came out great! Good quality and they just looked exactly how I wanted them to look. There was a communication error on my part with part of the batch but SuperiorPOD totally saved the day and helped correct everything. Not only that but during the phase where I was trying to figure everything out they chatted with me online and talked me step by step about what was going on. I would order from them again and I actually am in the process of doing that now!"

- Benjamin N


"I am an avid fan of the Board Game Geek website which supports many professional and amateur game designs. I specifically enjoy card games that are partially story telling or have strong themes. I recently found a gem of a game called Archer: Fast and Loose; based on the Archer adult television cartoon. The author of this game had made a 2x4 print at home sheets to allow people to print and play, and I knew after looking at the cards that I had to have a “better” copy.

I have been a customer of an overseas print on demand company which has completed an order before, of which I was not prepared for the significant time it took to print and deliver. I was also not happy with the shipping costing at least $30-$40, unless you ordered at the right time, with the correct coupon.

So I decided that I was going to try SuperiorPOD as a test with this game and then to see if they could also print counters. My first dilemma was the apparently daunting task of trying to make my own layout. I was able to pull the cartoon image cards and using the free program Scribus, I was able to make my own template following the multiple guides that SuperiorPOD provided. I particularly paid attention to the bleed instructions since I was not clear if the cards needed to fit in the template with the bleed or without.

The layout for the thirteen sets of eighteen cards was done in a day and I then simply sent the files off. I made a mistake with the order and double order and double paid. My second order was easily and cheerfully cancelled when I emailed, and then I had to just wait.

I made my order the days just before Thanksgiving weekend and I just had my package delivered on 16th December. The decks were packed in plastic wrap, which had come loose but there was no other damage in the bubble envelope package.

The card stock is good but not the super high quality woven texture that you may expect in very expensive card decks, or the texture that you find the AEG Doomtown cards. I am comparing the cards with the FFG Lord of the Rings and by touch and flex, I cannot tell the difference. I can barely feel the slightest texture of the ink on the cards where there is heavy black text. Since these cards are bound for sleeves, I see no issues there.

When I look at the decks from the side, you can see and feel the ‘banding’ where cards of the same sheet are stacked together. Once I shuffled the deck through, the cards all seem uniform in size, width and corner edging. I can tell that one sheet drifted since the borders are thin on one side and wider on the other. Not enough that I would request a reprint, but this was noticeable and I appreciate how many companies use full bleed background images to avoid any balance issues.

Overall, I am very happy that my 234 cards cost me $27 delivered in three weeks over a holiday. My other, overseas pricing would have been around $50 without shipping and six to eight weeks.
I would encourage any designer or print and play savant to overcome any reluctance to work with the requirement of the templates since these templates allow you greater flexibility in ‘building’ your deck design. If you are not comfortable working with templates, or layout, SuperiorPOD offers that service for a fixed $15 fee. For SuperiorPOD, I hope that you will develop more template designs for other development software on the market.

Thank you for a great product and I look forward to trying a full bleed design as well as your counters for future products."

- Pieter-Michiel


"Way to go on my order! Turnaround time was what you said it would be and the quality is better than i have ever seen! Thanks again!"

- Sam Smith, Austin TX


"I got the order in, and it looks fantastic !!! you all did a great job ..... huge thanks ..... I ran it past the peoples in charge and they also thought they looked great, however I did mess up , so they asked me to fix my errors and do a second test run asap, so ill be fixing a few things...and set up another order with you all .... but the quality was solid, the feel was solid ..everything came out great ....again a huge thanks for the cards !!!!!"

Alpha and Omecha games
- Eric Exton


"You guys are awesome!

Thank you."

- Rich, NJ


"Loved working with them! It was my first time printing my tarot cards through a vendor, I just couldn't keep up with my demand printing on my own. I was really nervous. But, their website is really detailed. Every question I had was answered on various pages of the site.
It was really easy and painless to do the ordering. They had really detailed instructions for what files they needed.
They updated me every time my order went through to another stage. My order was filled almost an entire month before their quoted completion date so that was really exciting.
They were shipped with decent packaging, could have been a little bit more sturdy of a box, but no real complaints there.

The only one little issue I had was that inside the shrink wrap, the corners bended and warped a little. But, I have a corner cutter at home so that was an easy fix! I'll definitely be using them for all my card and game printing :)"

- Anonymous



- Anonymous


"I had the pleasure of working with SPOD to produce my game Rabbit. The cards they made for the game came out gorgeous and the service was helpful and professional. I will definitely be using them again and can't recommend them highly enough!"

- Marc Di Stefano


"Very happy with this company! Really great quality and best prices I have found. My customers are all 5 stars satisfied with my deck!"

- A.B. Anonymous 


"Why do I get all my cards printed here?

I've been doing business with SuperiorPod for over 10 years now. They just keep getting better! I just received my biggest single order - over 8,000 cards (over 1,000 DIFFERENT card faces!) - and the quality NEVER suffers.

I have 3 pt. type text on these cards, and the printing is so crisp and clear you'd swear it was done by one of the huge card printers, not a family owned operation in upper New York.

I cannot recommend SuperiorPod enough. You will NOT be disappointed. The photo below? My personal-made-my-own-with-Photoshop-Elements-8,000+ order. Priceless to me.

It's a load off my mind that I can order 1 deck or 50 and never worry about the quality. That's priceless."

- Your Buddy Chester


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