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For general inquires, quotes, concerns, questions, and more please reach out to us via email at and we will get back to you within 1-2 business days.


If you have spoken to either Jeff or Anthony in the past and have specific inquires for them, feel free to reach out specifically at either:



Please avoid emailing Jeff or Anthony specifically if you have a more general request so they can keep our inboxes organized, and then one of the two of them will respond accordingly to your new email request and get you talking with the right person from there.


Please reference the homepage of the website for any questions regarding turn around times, or any questions regarding email response times, as when there are delays with production there are also delays in our communication which we apologize for.

If you have any questions regarding any printing policies please reference our SPOD Policy page of the website before reaching out.

If you have any questions regarding order fulfillment please reference the SPOD Order Fulfillment page before reaching out.

If you have any questions regarding artwork or set up please review the specific details of that product first, and then the SPOD support center page before reaching out.


If you have any questions regarding a quote for your products please use the product pages you are interested in to generate real time quotes at different quantities with different specs inputted before reaching out.

We are more than happy to respond to any and all questions and inquires, but we have also done our best to design our website to provide most answers for you in real time! If you have a hard time finding an answer to your inquiry then please let us know how we can make improvements to the website to make that easier for you in the future as well as our other customers.


A note about us, Superior POD is family owned and operated. Our facility is located in upstate New York in the town of Vestal. We started the print business in 2007 but have been involved in the Adventure Game business for over 20 years. Our goal is provide the highest quality printing, with industry low pricing, on demand as you need it, so all of our customers can affordably achieve the printed goods they have envisioned. 

Superior POD
165 Charles St
Vestal NY 13850

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The print business runs in cycles. Because of this we have times that are busier than others. If we get busy everyone in the shop is required to pitch in and help with production! When this happens we are not always able to answer the phone. Email is always the preferred method of communication because we have a written record of what transacted. There are times when it necessary to get on the phone though. You can use this form to request a phone meeting with our staff. Just fill out the form and hit SEND and we will call you (usually the same day). Please provide as much information as possible so we can be as efficient as possible in aiding you.