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SPOD Order Fulfillment

Order Fulfillment With Superior Print on Demand

Section 1: Crowd Funding Campaigns

Section 2: General Day to Day Order Fulfillment

Section 3: SPOD Selling Platforms Order Fulfillment



Section 1: Crowd Funding Campaigns

- If you are working on a Kickstarter Campaign or other similar crowd funding campaigns, Superior Print on Demand can do all of your order fulfillment for you. The benefit of having SuperiorPOD do your fulfillments that we do everything from production, printing labels, packing in our supplies, and shipping your orders, without you having to do a thing. We also offer exclusive discounts for anyone going this route in a way to help you jump start your business without spending thousands of dollars for an over stock of your items to bring the price per item down to a workable number. Get the exact amount printed that you need for the same low costs, and then use SuperiorPOD to continue selling your items after your campaign has ended, with the same discounts applied!


- Exclusive discounts are based around the quantity of your product that you will be ordered, and then customized by either Jeff or Anthony at an even lower price point than what is listed on our website. For this custom quote feel reach out to us at today, and be sure to let us know that we would be doing your Kickstarter order fulfillment for you to get the best deals!


- To get fulfillment started all you need to do is launch your campaign and finish with success (hopefully the first time but if not then try and try again!). After the campaign has ended you will have your customers fill out a survey with they pledged for, and all of their shipping information, and you simply export an auto-generated spreadsheet and send that to us and we handle the rest! That spreadsheet has all of the info we need, and that information is only for our fulfillment purposes as per Kickstarter guidelines. The only communication your customers will receive will be the tracking information from us as their order is shipped and fulfilled. We can blind ship directly to your customers so it looks like it is being mailed to you, or we can use our SPOD return address, just let us know what you would prefer here.


- In regards to the products that we can make for Kickstarter, the sky is the limit so if you are interested in something you do not see on the website just reach out to us and find out if we can do that for you. If we cannot make part of your product then we could use our partners to bring in those elements, or you could buy any aspects and ship them to us to put together and include with your order. There may be a small fee required for any add-ons that you send to us, just to cover our labor of putting things together.


- In terms of fees, the only additional fees on top of what you are quoted for your products, would be a $2.00 order processing fee which is applied to each order we fill, not each product we make. This is to cover our labor of processing each order and using our shipping supplies, and we always recommend just working this cost into the shipping and handling fees your customers pay so that is not out of your profit.


- We can ship world wide with whatever shipping method you prefer. We always recommend USPS either First Class Mail (depending on the weight) or Priority Mail. If things need to be expedited or you are shipping large packages then we prefer FEDEX.


Section 2: General Day to Day Order Fulfillment

- If you already have your products and business established and are just looking to get started with SPOD order fulfillment, this is the place for you, OR if we have completed your Kickstarter and you would like to continue selling your products the following info applies as well. There is one important distinction between these two options that will be elaborated upon in the next bullet point.


- SPOD always begins our order fulfillment customers with a "Proof of Sales" period, where we offer you starter order fulfillment rates, until there are proof of sales to justify our top tier discounts for order fulfillment. We do this because there are many customers who will be at different stages of getting their business going, and we cannot offer top tier discounts on products that sell only 1-2 a week when starting out. We know that everyone starts somewhere and that is why we still give you highly discounted rates, but only when we have seen proof of sales of around 10-20 orders a week for a months time can we give you our greatest discounts (numbers negotiable). If you have any questions regarding this and if this will apply to you then absolutely reach out to us about that! For the customers who are jumping in right after completing a crowd funding campaign, this is where you benefit as the campaign period is your proof of sales, and we can offer you our best discounts right off the bat with day to day fulfillment.


- The Money: The starter discounts for order fulfillment are our 50 quantity discounts as shown on our website if you were to order 50 of your games at once. After the proofing period we will grant you a custom price point as determined by Jeff or Anthony for your product. Please note that pricing is subject to change as time goes by simply due to our own expenses increasing over time. A perfect example of this is that we are being hit with a % increase on all of our card stock, so everything across the board that uses card stock will see a price increase in 2021. We will always give you ample warning of when price changes would take place. Also please remember that these prices are based on "On Demand" printing, where you get an order, and we print that product to order, instead of you having to go the route of spending large sums of money to get a large stock of your product at once for the best pricing.


- The Time: Turn around times for all order fulfillment orders are 1-3 business days. As stated with all of our other turn around times this is never a "guarantee", however it is always our goal and what you can relay to your customers. If something comes up that will delay our production we will let you know about these delays so you can notify your customers accordingly.


- Our Fees: The only additional fee for this service is the $1.50 order processing fee to cover our labor and shipping supplies used to fill each order. We recommend working this fee into the shipping and handling fees your customers pay with each order.


- Billing: SPOD will send you an invoice bi-weekly for the number of orders and products sold. If we are delayed with sending this out please note that your production is not being halted, and that we are just tied up and unable to send the invoice right away. We always appreciate your prompt payment.


- The Process: To get started on order fulfillment you would grant us either full or restricted access to your selling platform, where we would then log in daily, check for orders, print any labels as needed, and fulfill your orders for you. Most selling platforms have the ability to process shipping which makes the process even easier as we do not need to invoice and upcharge you for shipping costs, and instead you pay the real costs through your own site. This also gives you the ability to use whatever shipping methods you would prefer, and offer sales and deals whenever you would like.


- Selling Platforms: SPOD is familiar with a large amount of selling platforms, and we are also always eager to learn a new platform if we have not used it before. Our current favorite and most popular platform is Shopify, so if you are just starting out we would recommend using that. Shopify allows you to grant restricted access for your distributors (us), is easy to work with, and great for printing labels and having everything in one place. We are also familiar with Etsy, Amazon, Shippo, ShipStation, WordPress, ECommerce, WooCommerce, and BigCommerce to name some sites that we work with daily. 


- Shipping: SPOD ships worldwide, anywhere you would like to sell your products. We have some customers who only sell within the US, and others who ship all over the world so it does not matter to us. We recommend USPS first class mail for anything less than 1 pound, and USPS priority mail for anything over 1 pound. If you have a bulk order to be filled then we recommend using FEDEX. Internationally if you would like to save money then we would recommend USPS first class mail international, however this does take a long time to arrive. The fastest and most secure international shipping would be with FEDEX, however this does cost a premium. The shipping is really up to you, and if you have any questions just let us know and we are happy to help further.


- Returns: SPOD leaves returns up to you. If you want to accept returns then customers can send their items back to us no problem. If the product is not damaged and can be reused then we will do so and you will not have to pay for that product. If the product arrives damaged and is unusable then you will have to pay for the returned goods. If there is a faulty product that we sent out or a mistake with an order then SPOD will replace that on us. If a custom reaches out about a mistake please ask for pictures as proof of the mistake and then let us know what has to be done to fix it if applicable.


- Warehousing: SPOD keeps a stock of your products on our warehouse shelves with no fees for that service like some other companies. We do this so we can make our lives easier for fulfilling orders as fast as possible, and we do not think you should pay for that. Stocking is based on our estimated needs for orders at a given time, but if you plan on running a big sale, say for Black Friday, then please let us know what products that will be for so we can plan ahead and make a larger stock.



Section 3: SPOD Selling Platforms for Order Fulfillment

- SuperiorPOD can do your selling for you! If you would like your products to get some unique foot traffic, do not want to pay for your own selling platform, or are just starting out then SPOD can list your products for you on two of our own online stores. 


- Adventure Game Source is the first store option, and this store is intended for all things gaming. If you have a card game, board game, gaming accessories, or more then we can list your products for you on AGS today.


- Wackadu is the other store option, and this store is designed for everything non-gaming. We sell a number of book titles on Wackadu and other misc. products, and are eager to fill both sites with more of our customers products. We can list your products on both sites with ease and Wackadu is not restricted to only non-gaming items. AGS on the other hand we would like to keep in the realm of gaming only.


- Fees: We list your products on these platforms for free, but SPOD does take a percentage of the sale as well as our printing costs and order processing fees. Jeff is in charge of determining all fees, so if you would like to get your products listed on either of our sites please reach out at and ask for Jeff.


- Please note that these sites are still a work in progress and improving each day, and being populated with more products each day as well. We would be honored to showcase our customers products on both of these sites and it is our goal to someday have the majority of our customers listed on these sites. If you have any feedback on these sites and how we could improve them we would love to hear that so feel free to reach out there!